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ScalpaCarolinas is one of the leading Scalp Micro-Pigmentation centers in the Southeast operating out of Charlotte North Carolina, but serving clients from around the world. We are located at 224 Westinghouse BLVD Suite # 606, Charlotte, NC 28273. We are 10 minutes from the Charlotte Douglas airport, Uptown Charlotte, and the Ballantyne area. We are located in the Halifax Business Center with ample of parking for our clients.

Years In Practice

Experience is key for the industry we are in. There are no room for mistakes. We have been practicing for over 4 years with hundreds of successful procedures for people fro all areas of the world and walks of life. Affiliated with Scalp-Aesthetics, one of the leading pioneers in the industry, you will not be disappointed with the transformation.

About the Practitioner

ScalpaCarolinas is owned and operated solely by Enoch Glover. 1 of 6 master technicians under the Scalp-Aesthetics program, all of your evaluations and procedure is performed by Enoch Glover, ensuring that you have the highest quality results and satisfaction; that is how serious we take what we do here at ScalpaCarolinas.

WHAT IS Scalp MicroPigmentation?

Scalp MicroPigmentation is a procedure that is gaining exposure on a national and international level.

The main benefit of the procedure is to give the illusion of hair follicle replication without having to go under the knife for an expensive, invasive surgery.

While some refer to this as a “hair tattoo,” it is much more advanced, permanent, non-invasive, affordable alternative than surgery.

We treat all our clients with courtesy and professionalism at all times, and compassion and confidentiality underpin everything we do. We will never lose our way and put profit before people. We know this commitment is important to our customers, and we’re proud of the service we deliver. You’re our honored guest for the time you’re with us, and part of the family thereafter. We aim to do all we can to make your experience positive, life-changing and enjoyable.


1 – We use our own Machines

Our competitors use permanent makeup machines with a 3mm stroke length. We found that better results are achieved with a longer stroke length, so we developed the world’s only scalp micropigmentation machine delivering 5mm. Although we’re still hitting just the top layers of skin, a longer stroke means more ink is deposited, resulting in less fading, fewer sessions required, and ultimately better results.

2 – We design our own Needles

Like their machines, our competitors use permanent makeup needles to perform scalp micropigmentation. These needles are too large, and creates dots that are too wide to correctly simulate real hair follicles. At Scalp Aesthetics we developed our own needles that only fit our own machines. They are 75% smaller than commercially available needles, resulting in smaller follicle replications and more realistic results.

3 – We formulate our own Inks

Tattoo inks and permanent makeup pigments are regularly used by many of our competitors. Tattoo ink and permanent makeup pigment is made up of blue, green and purple constituent colors. When they’re broken down by your immune system or by ultraviolet rays from the sun, the black ink separates and changes color, just like the ink used in a regular body tattoo does. On the scalp, this change can take less than a couple of months.

Our pigments are 100% organic with no color additives. They cannot break down into other colors because they contain NO CONSTITUENT COLORS. This is critical. You might have heard of other providers inks turning blue, but it never happens at Scalp Aesthetics. That’s why we’re recommended by the world’s leading hair transplant surgeons.


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