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I was at a bar a few weeks ago and was hit on more girls (most in their 20s) than I’ve been hit on in a number of year. What you did makes a difference

- Don

Came to Wal-Mart and this guy said, dude who cuts your hair? Your cut looks great. I was like my boy in Charlotte

- Trey

Went to several public establishment last night and was near a sorts of lights and within 3 feet from people at time; no one noticed; not a single person stared at my scalp. This shows that your work (color & placement is on point!!!

- Eric

OMG..this hairline is EPIC! Still on cloud 9!!!!

- Monique

Thanks for giving my self confidence and life back

- Allen

Enoch, I just made it home. I can’t stop looking in the mirror. You are an awesome artist!!!! The BEST money hands down, I ever spent

- Ralph

I am looking good all the time now

- James

Yes, really happy

- Christine

I could not have received a better experience from anyone else brother. If you need anything let me know

- Tate

So happy with how everything looks and feels – Thank you again Enoch!

- Duke

Thank you bro, you really made a different in my life for the best

- Shawn

I woke up this morning looking at the mirror with a big Koolaid smile on my face. I look so different, but for the better of course! And thank you for making me feel more of a friend as opposed o just being a client. I felt relaxed and at ease

- Alex

It’s amazing! I absolutely love it. Thank you so much for taking the time to do it

- Rick

The healing is great. No issues there. I really like it. Best Money I spent in a while

- Mr. Thompson

Yeah I was Skeptical at first but I’m happy and confident now

- Mr. Gonzales